A is for Apple

ARKANSAS BLACK -Discovered in Benton County, Arkansas; shiny, blackish-red fruit; crisp, aromatic flesh; superb keeper; good for cooking and eating.

ASHMEAD'S KERNEL A medium-sized antique russet from England. Deemed ugly by modern standards. Its coat resembles an Idaho potato. This high-flavored; tart apple is firm textured; a good keeper. This is rated one of the best of the russets.

BALDWIN -Hailing from New York State, is an all-purpose red-skinned apple, mottled and streaked with yellow. It has a mildly sweet-tart flavor and fairly crisp texture and is available from October to April.

BLACK GILLIFLOWER An antique, medium-sized, winter dessert apple of very distinctive, tall sheep-nose shape, and black-red color.  This white-fleshed variety has a mild flavor,  in never crisp and peculiarly aromatic.

BLACKTWIG -Originated near Fayetteville, Tennessee; is a deep-red apple; firm, slightly tart flesh; excellent keeper; good for cooking and fresh eating.

BLUSHING GOLDEN This is a medium-sized waxy coated modern yellow apple with a pink blush, believed to be a Jonathan/Golden Delicious cross. It has a firm flesh with a flavor similar to Golden Delicious with an almond essence, but tarter.

BRAEBURN From New Zealand, this apple has an appearance similar to Fuji's, pale pink striped. Although it has a richer flavor and is firmer than Fuji, it does not keep quite as good.

CALVILLE BLANC This classic dessert apple from France is light green skinned, with prominent ribs. Very high in Vitamin C and deemed superior for all culinary purposes.  Tart and not very crisp.

CAROLINA RED JUNE -From North Carolina; pale yellow with purplish-red blush; juicy, aromatic; ripens early in June and July; good for fresh eating.

CHIEFTAIN A Jonathan/Delicious cross marrying each variety's best qualities: Jonathan's sour richness, Red Delicious' juicy sweetness. Less tart than Jonathan, more flavor than Delicious. Looks more like Delicious but will keep longer.

CORTLAND -From New York; dark-red smooth, shiny skin with a bluish-waxy coating; juicy, tender, sweet-tart flesh that resists browning. It's an all-purpose apple excellent for cooking as well as out-of-hand eating.

CRABAPPLE -A small, rosy red apple with a rather hard, extremely tart flesh. Crabapples, available during the fall months, are too sour for out-of-hand eating but make outstanding jellies and jams. Spiced and canned whole, they're a delicious accompaniment for meats such as pork and poultry.

COX'S ORANGE PIPPIN This is the apple that still dominates the English markets.  Medium-sized, golden yellow skin flushed with brownish orange; often russeted.  Crispy yellow flesh, semi-tart with a very special aftertaste. 

CRITERION -This slightly tart apple has a bright red skin with green highlights. It's good for baking as well as out-of-hand eating.

DOCTOR MATTHEWS An obscure nineteenth century local Indiana variety. Large, faded red coat, crisp, juicy, excellent flavor.

DOWNINGLAND A Golden Delicious/Rome cross with a mild sweet flavor. Very low in acid making it easily digestible. Medium to small in size.

DOWNING TART A tart, crisp, medium-sized, round, dark red apple from the famous Ohio Downings. This is a really "sour" apple.

EMPIRE A Red Delicious/McIntosh cross..  This  medium-sized, round, dark red apple has a gorgeous appearance; is sweet, juicy, firm, and aromatic. At its peak, Empire "cracks" when you bite it. A great apple for kids.

ENTERPRISE A new apple named in 1992 with eating quality somewhat like Idared.

ESOPUS SPRITZENBURG -From New York; Thomas Jefferson's favorite; bright-red fruit with yellow flecks; rich, juicy flesh; good for fresh eating.

FIRESIDE Introduced in Minnesota in 1943 of unknown parentage.  Very large, high quality dessert apple; one of the best of the hardy apples.

FORTUNE Named and introduced in '95, this Red Spy/Empire cross comes from Geneva, NY. It has the size and bite of a Northern  Spy and the aromatics of a McIntosh..  

FUJI  A Ralls Janet/Red Delicious cross, bred in Japan, where it is the number one seller. Pale pink stripes over a light green background. This is the best keeping sweet apple in the world. In a refrigerator, Fuji will keep from October through April and still be crackling crisp.

GALA Very sweet, firm, medium size, conic to round in shape. Light golden yellow with a pinkish-orange blush. Striking, peach-like appearance. Red Delicious and Cox's Orange Pippin are grandparents and Golden Delicious is a parent. For those with a sweet tooth, Gala is a best!

GOLD COAST This beautiful, huge, greenish-yellow variety from the Geneva NY. This is an offspring of  Doud's Golden.  Tarter than Golden Delicious

GOLDEN DELICIOUS -This yellow to yellow-green apple has a sweet, rather bland flavor and juicy, crisp flesh that resists browning. Golden Delicious apples have a long season, usually from September to early June. They're a good all-purpose apple though they do tend to lose some flavor when cooked.

GOLDEN PEARMAIN -From North Carolina; golden-orange fruit with red stripes; sweet, crisp, juicy; good for fresh eating, dessert, cider.

GOLDRUSH  This was the first disease resistant  strain with world class eating quality and shelf life. Medium sized. Greenish-yellow coat with some russet. Semi-tart.  Keeps as well as Fuji.

GOLDEN RUSSET -A greenish-yellow fruit with light-brown russeting; crisp yellow flesh exceptionally juicy and sweet; good keeper; superb for cider and fresh eating.

GRANNY SMITH -Most of these crisp, juicy apples are imported from New Zealand and Australia, though the United States now produces some, principally in California and Arizona. The Granny Smith's freckled green skin covers a sweetly tart flesh that's excellent for both out-of-hand eating and cooking. The imported crop arrives during summer, while those from the United States are available through the winter months, making the popular Granny Smith a year-round, all-purpose apple.

GRAVENSTEIN -This crisp, juicy, sweetly-tart apple has a beautiful green skin streaked with red. It's in season from August to late September and available mainly on the West Coast. Although the Gravenstein is considered an all-purpose apple and makes delicious pies and applesauce, it does not do well when baked whole.

GRIMES GOLDEN -From West Virginia; clear yellow fruit with russet dots; crisp, yellow flesh is spicy-sweet; great for applesauce, apple butter, cider, fresh eating.

HARALSON A medium-sized red apple from Minnesota. .Especially hardy. tart, firm, white-fleshed, good quality.

HIDDEN ROSE This pink-fleshed variety from Michigan is a tart, good eating apple.

HOKUTO A Mutsu/Fuji cross that is a blend of the crisp texture of a Fuji, the large size and shape of Mutsu, and an amalgam of their sweet flavors.

HOLIDAY A Macoun/Jonathan cross from Ohio. Flesh quality most resembles Macoun (the best flavored of the McIntosh clan), but with Jonathan tartness. Flesh crisp, tender, white, aromatic with a slightly faded deep red skin color.

HONEY CRISP A Macoun/Honey Gold cross. Large, blotched red; extremely crisp.

HONEY GOLD A Golden Delicious/Haralson cross., introduced in 1969 in Minnesota. Eating quality similar to Golden Delicious, but hardier than Golden Delicious

HOG SWEET -From North Georgia; homely, light-yellow fruit with brown freckles; sweet, firm flesh; good for cider, fresh eating.

HORSE -From North Carolina; bright-yellow fruit; this one really has flavor; top choice for vinegar; also good for cider, drying, cooking.

HUDSON'S GOLDEN GEM This conical shaped russet of first class eating quality is considered an antique from the ninetenth century or before.

IDARED A cross of Jonathan and Wagener. This results in a large juicy bright red apple with a rich flavor that keeps very well.  Idared requires some refrigeration time to reach peak quality.  Idared is the longest keeping Jonathan type.

JONAGOLD Jonagold is a wonderful flavored, very large, sweet apple. For optimum flavor and texture, this variety should be savored very soon after harvest.

JONALICIOUS Flavor equal to the richness of Jonathan but a little less tart.  Larger, crisper, and juicier than Jonathan, and a better keeper. This a tart apple.

JONAMAC A medium-sized Jonathan/McIntosh cross. Sour flavored and tender fleshed like McIntosh it has wonderful McIntosh-like aromatics.

JONATHAN -The spicy fragrance of this bright red apple is to some just as seductive as its juicy, sweet-tart flavor. The Jonathan is in season from September through February. This all-purpose apple is great for out-of-hand eating, pies, applesauce and other cooked dishes. It doesn't fare well, however, when used as a baking apple.

KANDIL SINAP This novelty variety from Turkey has good dessert quality. The striking medium-sized fruit is very tall and narrow; with creamy yellow porcelain-like skin and a sunny side bright red blush.

KEEPSAKE A medium-sized, blotchy mostly red coated, hard, very crisp, juicy, and aromatic. This is an offspring of Northern Spy with a semi-tart flavor.

-Found in Ellijay, Georgia; large, grass-green fruit with pink blush; keeps well; slightly tart; good for cooking, baking, fresh eating.

KINNAIRD'S CHOICE -Found by Michael Kinnaird in Franklin County, Tennessee; glossy, deep-red fruit with green dots; crisp, aromatic white flesh; good for dessert and cider.

KING DAVID Believed to be a Jonathan/Arkansas Black cross. Medium-sized. Dark red coat. It has a very distinctive flavor.

LADY APPLE -A tiny apple that can range in color from brilliant red to yellow with generous red blushing. Its flesh is sweet-tart and it can be eaten raw or cooked. Fresh lady apples are available during the winter months. They're also available canned, and are widely used for garnishing purposes.

LIBERTY Liberty has superior dessert quality, somewhat akin to one of its parents, Macoun.

LIMBERTWIG -From North Georgia; greenish-yellow fruit with red blush; juicy, tasty; among the best keepers; good for pies, cider, jelly, and fresh eating.

MACOUN -This favorite East Coast apple is small to medium-size and wine red in color. It's crisp, juicy and sweetly tart. The Macoun is considered an all-purpose apple, but is especially good for eating out of hand.

MAGNUM BONUM -From North Carolina; red and greenish-yellow fruit; crisp, juicy, aromatic, delicious flesh; stores well; superb for fresh eating

MAY APPLE -Though poisonous when green, the yellow, egg-shaped May apple can be safely eaten after ripening. This member of the barberry family is about the size of a large cherry. It's lightly sweet and acidic and makes very good preserves. The May apple is found in the East but is rarely available at the market.

McINTOSH -Discovered in the late 1700s by Canadian John McIntosh, this medium-crisp, tart-sweet apple has a bright red skin that is sometimes tinged with green. It's available from late September through March. Though the McIntosh is considered an all-purpose apple, it doesn't hold up well when subjected to lengthy cooking.

MELROSE An outstanding Jonathan/Red Delicious cross combining the rich flavor of Jonathan and the crisp juicy texture and sweetness of Red Delicious. Round shape, dull red color. Larger than Jonathan and a better keeper. A "best" for caramel apples.

MOYER'S PRIZE  This is a local Indiana favorite from the late nineteenth century of the Yellow Bellflower group. Medium tart, crisp, very juicy. Yellow skin, oblong conic shape, medium to large size.

MUTSU  An offspring of the Golden Delicious from Japan.. A very large, firm, greenish yellow apple with a sweet, cocktail of flavors, including a hint of anise. Juicy and refreshing. Absolutely outstanding dessert quality. A good keeper. Renamed Crispin in the United Kingdom and New York

NEWTOWN PIPPIN - Originated in New York, this all-purpose apple is great for both eating and cooking. The skin is greenish-yellow to yellow, the flesh crisp and juicy and the flavor slightly tart. Also called simply Pippin or sometimes Yellow Pippin , this flavorful apple is available midwinter through mid-spring.

NITTANY An offspring of York Imperial from Pennsylvania  Like  a York, this is a crisp apple with the appearance and texture similar to Fuji.

NORTHERN SPY -A large, sweet-tart apple with a red skin marked with yellow streaking. This all-purpose apple is available from October through March. It's also simply called Spy apple.

NORTHWEST GREENING; see Rhode Island Greening.

ORIN  This is a medium-sized, light green to yellow apple with russeted lenticles.  Orin is a crisp apple similar to a Fuji with a sweet flavor similar to a Golden Delicious.  One of the most aromatic.

PARAGON  A Winesap-type from early nineteenth century Tennessee. Like other Winesap types, it has a dark red coat, spicy flavor, and is a good keeper. Very similar to Black Twig.

PINK LADY A Golden Delicious/Lady Williams cross from Australia

PINK PEARL This novelty pink fleshed variety has a transparent skin which glows pink from the flesh underneath. Good eating quality, but quite tart. A great applesauce variety.

PINK SUGAR A Red Delicious/Golden Delicious cross.  With pink striped over a yellow background. Non-acid, very sweet.

PITMASTON PINEAPPLE A small-fruited English fall russet apple.  Firm juicy flesh with a first rate rich distinctive flavor.

POUND SWEET (Pumpkin Sweet)--From Connecticut; large, greenish-yellow fruit; crisp, firm, sweet flesh; good for baking, drying, preserves, applesauce, and apple butter

RAZOR RUSSET An attractive russet mutation of Golden Delicious. But much spicier.

REGENT Flavor suggestive of Red Delicious but more spritely.

RED DELICIOUS -This large, brilliant red (sometimes streaked with green) apple has an elongated shape with five distinctive knobs at its base. It's juicy and sweet but lacks any distinguishing tartness. The Red Delicious is in season from September through April. It's good for eating out of hand but does not cook well.

RHODE ISLAND GREENING -This medium-size, green to yellow green apple has a sweet-tart flavor that seems to intensify when cooked. Because both texture and flavor hold up to heat, most of the Rhode Island greening crop is sold for commercial processing (applesauce, pies, etc.). It's also good for out-of-hand eating and is available from October to April, mainly in the eastern and central United States A variant grown in the western half of the country is called Northwest Greening.

ROME BEAUTY -From Ohio, in season from November through May, the Rome Beauty apple has a deep red skin with some yellow speckling. The off-white flesh ranges from tender to mealy, its flavor from mildly tart to sweet and bland. It holds its shape well when cooked and for that reason is often the fruit of choice for baked apples and other cooked dishes.

-Oldest named American apple; originated in Massachusetts in early 17th century; golden-bronze fruit with brownish-yellow russeting; sweet, tender, tasty flesh; stores well; excellent for cider, fresh eating.

RUBINETTE A Swiss bred Golden Delicious/Cox's Orange Pippin cross. Sour, rich flavored.and medium-sized, fawn colored russet. 

SCARLET O'HARA This mainly red, flattish shaped apple contains Rome, Golden Delicious and Jonathan in its heritage.  This has an outstanding texture and is a good keeper.

SIERRA BEAUTY  A flat-shaped, medium-sized, tart, firm crisp green apple from northern California.

SIR PRIZE This is a large yellow, russet free apple of very good quality.  One must take care when storing as this variety bruises easily.

SNOW APPLE Soft, snow-white fleshed, aromatic, medium-sized, antique flat red apple. Possibly a parent of McIntosh, as it is very similar in quality.

SPIGOLD A very large to huge red-striped Red Spy/Golden Delicious cross. An oddity for an apple so large to have such exquisite dessert quality. Amust to include in sweet cider blends

STAYMAN --A striped, dull red apple with an off-white flesh that's juicy, crisp and tart. The Stayman apple is good both raw and cooked. It's available from late October to April.

STAYMAN WINESAP -Originated in Kansas large, greenish-yellow fruit with red stripes; firm, tender, aromatic flesh with distinctive "winey" flavor; good for applesauce, apple butter, fresh eating, cider.

SUMMER CHAMPION -From North Georgia, pretty, mottled- red-and-green fruit; sweet, crisp flesh; ripens early in July; good for fresh eating.

SUNCRISP A highly-flavored Golden-type with excellent aromatics. Golden Delicious is a parent, Cox's Orange Pippin and Cortland are grandparents; hence it shares three fourths of its heritage with superstar Gala.

SWAAR Medium-sized rough skinned russet grown by Dutch settlers on the Hudson River in the early 1800's. Its ugly coat conceals a rich and aromatic flesh of very good to best quality.

SWEET EMMA  A medium-sized, round, red apple, probably an off-spring of Red Delicious although crispier, has a less tough skin than Delicious.

SWEET SIXTEEN  Northern Spy cross having firm, crisp texture; moderately acid, aromatic, very pleasing anise essence flavor.

SWISS GOURMET Also known as ARLET. A Swiss bred cross of Golden Delicious and Idared. Firmer and tarter than Gala. with the eating quality akin to a Braeburn.

OLMAN SWEET This medium sized yellow apple is believed to have originated in Massachusetts in the early 1800's. In the nineteenth century when sweet apples were prized for home orchards, Tolman was the best and most popular..

TURLEY WINESAP Winesap offspring resembling Stayman. A flat, dull red, firm apple that ships and keeps well.

VIRGINIA BEAUTY -From Carroll County, Virginia; green and brick-red fruit; tender, sweet flesh; good keeper; makes wonderful preserves.

WAGENER A large, pinkish-red, carmine-striped, antique apple of quality similar to the outstanding Northern Spy. 

WESTFIELD-SEEK-NO-FURTHER --From Massachusetts; greenish-yellow skin flushed with orange; sweet, aromatic, slightly astringent flesh; good for cooking, dessert, fresh eating.

WHITE WINTER PEARMAIN  A medium to large, pale yellow-skinned apple from 19th century Indiana. Pleasantly aromatic and ranked very good to best for dessert. Flavor akin to Mutsu but in a smaller, harder, and less attractive package.

WINESAP -Juicy and tart, the Winesap apple has a crisp, yellowish flesh covered with a deep red skin. This all-purpose apple has good keeping qualities and is available November through May.

WINTER BANANA A large, clear, pale yellow apple with a beautiful pink blush.  Originated in Indiana in the late 1800's. Quality good to very good. Firm, coarse, distinctly aromatic

YORK IMPERIAL -A medium to large apple with firm flesh that's tartly sweet. The York Imperial's skin is red with yellowish streaks and the flesh is off-white. It's an excellent cooking apple and is a favorite for baked apples because it keeps its shape during cooking. This apple is available October through April.

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